me3I work at Eli Lilly and Company in the Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics group in San Diego where I primarily work on applied drug discovery projects in oncology and immunology. Formally I was a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow in the same group at Lilly’s UK research site. I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Computational and Systems Biology. My interests include structure-based drug discovery, cheminformatics, protein modeling, molecular modeling, virtual screening, machine learning, software development and data visualization.


Molecular modeling of protein-ligand interactions

3LBK_fig_2I have modeled the interactions of a number of small molecules and lipids to a wide variety of protein targets families including kinases (ABL, c-Src, Chk1, Erk2 and more), ligases (XRCC1, MDM2), lipoxygenases (5-LOX) and globins (cytoglobin) using MD simulations, molecular docking and novel scoring functions.

Structure-based drug discovery
pharma_model_2I used and improved a structure-based virtual screening pipeline to target a number of challenging protein-protein interactions (PPIs) including XRCC1/Polβ, 14-3-3/p53, cop-γ/cop-ζ with no known inhibitors. I employed a variety of techniques including pharmacophore modeling, molecular docking, custom scoring functions and self-developed novel clustering and visualization methods.
Using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to understand PPIs

md_simI have used molecular dynamics simulations to gain understanding of complex protein-protein interactions, rationalize the effect of mutations of transcription factors and to predict the binding poses of small molecules. I have studied a number of target systems including MDM2-p53, PAX6, ABL1, cytoglobin and more.

Machine Learning, statistics and data visualization


I have used a number of machine learning techniques to develop novel scoring functions, analyze big data sets and improve the efficiency and accuracy of existing cheminformatics methods.


Selected Publications

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University of Pittsburgh – Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., Joint Program in Computational Biology, February 2016

University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Biological Sciences, May 2010, Cum Laude; GPA: 3.4/4.0


2015 Student of the Year, Computational and Systems Biology, University of Pittsburgh